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As website developers since 1995, we receive frequent requests to publish online surveys so companies and organizations can capture useful data from their customers and members. ResearchPlace is the home of our survey consulting and construction service, where our experts help you to craft and deploy a survey that is easy to read, easy to complete, and provides immediate and meaningful results.

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Survey Deployment

While the basis of conducting and tabulating a survey is asking questions and collecting the answers, special care must be given to word the questions and responses in such a way that their aggregated values are meaningful. Our consultants can help you to maximize the effectiveness of your questions so the results help you to better achieve an understanding of your audience.

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Results Presentation

What good is all the data you collect if patterns don't appear when you look at it? At ReasearchPlace, as soon as your survey is deployed, your results are immediately available and always up to date. Simple numbers and bar charts, as well as complex interactive overlay graphs can be used to visualize the different kinds of responses. The raw numbers or charts can be viewed online or exported to a variety of desktop file formats like PDF and Excel.

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